LTC- Are you a little concerned that your agent for Long Term Care has really offered the best policy? Remember, these are tough contracts and a 2nd opinion might be viable.

Asset Allocation- Was your allocation defined by a software program? Do you know the implications of the investments with the economy? Are you doing rebalancing? How?

Insurance- As one of the 40 Life and Disability Insurance Analysts in California I have worked on some very involved insurance elements- primarily concerning suitability. If you are concerned as to the policy you have been presented, a 2nd opinion may save you thousands. I may also use a special service as a separate guide to anlayzing the policy.

Also, do you have a policy you no longer need? Perhaps a sale could provide funds you never anticipated.

Arbitration- Is your case moving properly- specifically as it relates to suitability and fiduciary responsibility? Do you or your attorney know the fundamentals of investing? Get clear on the basics of you can lose your rights.

These issues will generally run a minimum flat fee of $500.00- depending on the amount of time involved. Recognize that I am NOT doing comprehensive personal planning- but offering extended expertise to help you correct or adust your situation. A written report may be presented, once again, depending on time invovled.

Email or call 800 215- 9865 to discuss further.

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