HEART DISEASE: (1999) Heart failure deaths among people 65 and older fell dramatically between 1988 and 1995, particularly among blacks.

HEART DISEASE: (1999)  Stated many times previously, numerous women think that breast cancer is their greatest problem of dying. Nope, it's heart disease- made all the more difficult for them since most of the prior studies were done on men and little recognition was given to the women. (More women die of heart disease each year (471,000) than men (424,000). The problem may start 10 years later for women (probably due to estrogen) but then really takes a toll. From a 1991 study:
Age Male Female
15- 34 2,924 1,491
35- 54 31,745 11,026
55- 74 149,521 84.865
75+ 174,625 263,041

HEART DISEASE: (CDC) Heart disease and stroke remain leading causes of disability and death, with estimated costs including lost productivity expected to be $286 billion in 1999. death rates from coronary and hypertensive heart disease and rheumatic heart disease have decreased from a peak of 307.4 per 100,000 in 1950 to 134.6 in 1996, a decline of 56%. Stroke deaths have decreased 70% in that time, from 88.8 to 26.5.

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