(Gail Sheehy) "The biggest factor in protecting older men against depression and prolonging their lives may be the save your life wife". A University of California at Irvine study of 7,000 American adults showed that men 45 to 64 years of age with wives were twice as likely to live 10 years longer than their single brethren. Men without women are likely to suffer twice the depression as non married men. Widowed men are also likely to suffer marked deterioration after the death of their wife. Men are twice as likely to die within the first six months to a year after the death of their spouse. Some scientists say that men actually die of grief. While there are more and more older women that wish to remain single, it is clear that men need a partner. Now, we're not talking just any partner such as a live in friend or those that reside with grown children, parents or other relatives. We are talking about those unique women who- shall we say- understand the true male weaknesses and provides the love and support that no one else could offer.

MEN: Here is some more commentary from Gail Sheehy regarding why certain men live longer, are happier, etc. As stated previously, a solid marriage with a loving wife is the main key to happiness after retirement. Many of the unhappy men had most of their lives solely focused on power and status. If they had not received it prior to retirement, they were prone to all sorts of psychosomatic complaints- insomnia, tiring easily, indigestion, etc. Those that concerned themselves with people- taking some action to address the country's social or education problems- did much better. Those most unhappy were very involved with themselves. And their wives were unhappy with them. Lastly, continuing excitement with life was the other determining factor to happiness. Experiencing new and different things keeps the mind and body active. So what are you doing?????