PROSTATE CANCER: Many signs of this are

About 300,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer versus about 185,000 women for breast cancer.

50,000 die each year from prostate cancer.

Prostate (1998): Blacks are two to three times more likely to get prostate cancer and die than whites.

PROSTATE CANCER: (1999) Prostate cancer is the most common nonskin cancer among men. Of cancers overall, only lung cancer kills more men. New cases expected 1998- 184,500 and expected deaths- 39,200.

PROSTATE CANCER: (1999) Many men die needlessly from this cancer since they refuse to get a test. But the American Cancer Society/Laval University says that routine screening with a  PSA test could reduce the number of deaths by 69% and could save up to 27,000 American lives annually. Some doctors won't do it because they say there is no proof it prevents early deaths. But if you are a man over 50,  and in view of this recent study, you may want to force your doctor to do one. Remember, being dead sucks.