Many women will hate more research showing that thin is better, but a Harvard study showed that thin is definitely better in terms of health risk. By using the following formula, one can supposedly determine their predisposition to heart disease and other premature death.

1. Multiply your weight by .45 to get kilograms

2. Convert your height to inches and multiply by 0.254. 3. Multiply this number by itself

4. Divide number 1 by number 3

The study found that middle aged women whose body masses fell into the following numbers were subject to corresponding risks of premature death

So why I have I included this? Because I must consider the longevity of women clients that I work with. I might have to adjust my actuarial lifetime expectancy for those that have very high numbers. And I already have determined that I need to readjust the life expectancy and/or health problems of younger overweight clients. It's clear they will never get active enough to prevent heart disease.