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I obviously suggest that you have your adviser do all the other quizzes, but here is a three part quiz that is mandatory for retirement.

1. How many days does Medicare cover for a nursing home stay for Alzheimer's patients?

2. You are 65 years of age. What is your actuarial lifetime?

3. This is a little more esoteric but would quickly identify adviser who was clearly more capable of addressing retirement concerns and issues- A teacher who worked for a school district that did not incorporate social security as part of the retirement program is very concerned about needing Medicare when retiring. She is 62, divorced for 15 years after 11 years of marriage to a corporate worker and is clearly unable to afford the private costs of Medicare upon turning age 65. She figures she has to retire early to work a "standard" job to build up her number of quarters (say 15) necessary to properly qualify. What does she do?