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Tell me and I will forget,

Show me and I will remember,

Involve me and I will understand.


I have included just a few short pages to identify my expertise in providing seminars. You must see the resume for the background and experience in teaching.

There are two items I believe you should recognize. The first is that most of the instructors I have seen in investment presentations have had effectively little understanding of the issues. They might get by with an unsophisticated audience or with a short dog and pony show, but if you have anyone in attendance who asks pointed and serious questions, they are apt to get no answer or only half correct ones. That lack of knowledge and ineptness on critical concerns can lead to a company's breach of fiduciary obligation and/or a consumer's purchase of an unsuitable investment. That can result in future litigation- and something that I truly believe will exist under the 404(c) regulations and interpretation.

Most seminars for retirement planning are just plain wrong. The amount they suggest one needs for retirement is generally understated because the risks are not adequately identified. If you never heard of 1973/74 prior to the 2000- 2002 debacle, I have just confirmed the comment.

Secondly, even if you did take a look at the few with supposed expertise and background, make absolutely sure of teaching experience. Teachers are made, not born. This may seem egotistical....but I paid my dues with over 30 years of instruction to almost all audiences. There are very few people that have the experience, knowledge and expertise to teach literally any audience any type of financial material that they will not only understand and have the ability to utilize, but also enjoy. And that even includes subjects like beta, alpha and correlation which some say is impossible to get across to the layman. Not so. If you know what you are doing, they will understand the nuances and can use it later. Further, if you happen to be a corporate entity, it can conform to your 404(c) fiduciary responsibility and help reduce liability. If you are a securities B/D, your reps need to know this in order to properly counsel clients.

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity.

Charles Mingus

ATTORNEY AD: Practical Investment Theory and Application was approved for 4 hours of continuing education by the California State Bar. I believe it is the only course of its type every approved by them and it hopefully addresses the professionalism provided.

FEES AND EXPENSES: Primarily addresses presentations. Fees for investment advisory work are negotiated separately and prospective clients will receive my brochure as a Registered Investment Adviser.

SUBJECTS: This is a partial listing of the areas I have taught and wrote about over the years. The subjects can be selected in just about any combination and for any time frame. When you review the areas, recognize that this is what financial planning is all about- the ability to view many different areas of a consumer's life and how they interact with each other.

CRITIQUES: These are unsolicited comments from attendees from corporate training. I think they speak for themselves.

If you have an interest in discussing costs, course material, etc., please Email.